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Tokoname Ikebana Containers and Vases

Ikebana vases from Tokoname are prized. Tokoname is an area which is famous for its Ikebana containers and vases.
Ikebana vases made in Tokoname come from some of the oldest kilns in Japan.

Pottery from Tokoname in Aichi, Japan: Image via Wikipedia

Ikebana means ,` bringing flowers to life`. The word for flower container is kaki in Japanese.
In sixth century Japan, when Ikebana originated as a part of Buddhist ceremonies, flowers were arranged in ikebana vases to point towards heaven as a sign of faith.

Ikebana vases for Buddhist arrangement from Amazon

Below: Hanging Moon and Hooked Vase Japanese flower arrangement (Ikebana) applied to Western needs.

Ikebana Vases are Important in Ikebana Design
The design of ikebana vases, just like ikebana itself, stresses simplicity. The vases can inspire many different ikebana creations. When the artist imagines the flowers they will use in the arrangement as they would appear when framed by the vase, they create a design in which the shape of the vase is an important element. The color and shape of the vase used to frame the flowers is as much a part of the design as the flowers themselves.

 Many different styles and colors of Japanese ikebana vases are available. Ikebana containers come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Traditional Suiban and Nageire containers can be found in most stores that cater to Ikebana artists.

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Vases made in the following styles are available all over the world. Some are especially suited for freestyle designs:

  1. Tubular vases
  2. Goblet shaped vases
  3. Bowls
  4. Full moon vases
  5. Elliptical open top vases
  6. Crescent moon vases
  7. Double mouth designs
  8. Tall vases
  9. Ovular polygons
  10. Compote
  11. Hollow squares or rectangles
  12. Asymmetrical vases
  13. Basket vases
  14. Contemporary gourd vases
  15. Ceramic bamboo logs
Ikebana Vases Online
Ikebana containers and supplies may be obtained from online stores such as Ziji, Hanayagi and Stone Lantern. Stores such as Timberstone Rustic Arts have a wide variety of Ikebana supplies such as scissors, stands and ikebana containers in stone.

Ikebana Containers From Shigaraki and Tokoname in Japan
To get the best price on your ikebana supplies, use Shopzilla to compare prices on the ikebana containers you are thinking of purchasing. Vases from Tokoname and Shigaraki tend to be more expensive.
  • Shigaraki ware is made in the Shigaraki area of Japan. Shigaraki has one of the six oldest kilns in Japan. Shigaraki is also famous for its ceramic raccoon dogs.
  • Tokoname is in the Aichi prefecture in Japan and is an area famous for its pottery and potters. Tokoname has some of Japan’s oldest kilns. The red color in which results form the iron in the clay is a distinctive feature of pottery from Tokoname.

A Giant Cat in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, Japan:Image via Wikipedia

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